I’m so lucky to live in the beautiful Cheshire countryside. In every direction there is some history that is open to the public.

Something I’ve always wanted to do is sketch the castles that are on my doorstep.

Beeston Castle

I took a photo of Beeston Castle from a country lane a few years back and was taken by the colours. It was late morning on a crisp winter’s day and the sky was just beautiful. For miles around the ruin at Beeston is visible and I wanted to capture it as a mysterious monument.

Peckforton Castle

On a nearby hill to the ruin at Beeston is the glorious Peckforton Castle. Built in the middle of the 19th century in the style of a medieval castle, Peckforton is open to the public and available for hire as a venue for weddings and parties. It really is a beautiful building and again is visible for miles around. I enjoyed capturing the castle amongst the woodlands of Peckforton but decided to render the trees as if they were mist. I think there’s something mystical about the scene.

Cholmondeley Castle

The castle at Cholmondeley (pronounced chum-ley) was built at the start of the 19th century and as with Peckforton was designed in the style of a medieval fort. It is in immaculate condition and open to the public throughout the year. The grounds at Cholmondeley Castle are a real pleasure to visit and I wanted very much to capture the colour and majesty of the site.
The reference photo that I used was taken from the Cholmondeley Castle website.

Each of the pieces is available as a 10″ x 8″ print and was created using Corel Painter on an iMac with a Wacom Cintiq.


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