I have a great passion for writing children’s stories

Thanks to the wonderful world of self publishing I have been able to write, illustrate and sell some of my adventure stories for young children. Visit my Amazon Author’s page.

A Frog Named Bob

My first picture book for young children.

The story tells of Bob – a frog who doesn’t know what sound he should make.

Hopping between his friends he learns of their sounds and ultimately receives a nice surprise.

I wrote this for nursery aged children.

My Hairy Scary Best Friend

My second picture book and huge fun to both write and illustrate.

Martha is a young girl who dreams of monsters. She loves them!

One morning she wakes to find her very own monster hiding beneath her bed…

I wrote this for children in key stages 1 and 2.

The Great Underground Adventure

A fantastical tale of a young boy who loves to skip and dance and dreams of magical adventures.

One day he tumbles into an enchanted well and encounters trolls, dragons and all manner of magic.

I wrote this for children in key stages 1 and 2.