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My Children's Books

A Frog Named Bob

Bob is a frog who doesn't know what sound he should make. He hops between his friends to discover what sounds they make and to see if it can help him find his own voice.

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My Hairy, Scary Best Friend

Martha Jones LOVES monsters. She loves to draw monsters, dream of monsters and pretend that she herself is a monster.
One night something magical happens and she finds herself befriending a real life monster whom she names Milo. Unfortunately not everyone is as excited as Martha to see Milo!

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The Great Underground Adventure

The magical story of a little boy who goes for a walk through Sleepy Creepy Dell. As he hops and skips he tumbles into a magical well and lands in a mysterious and enchanted undergound world.
Follow the little boy as he continues to dance, skip and fly with Ice Trolls, Bears and even Dragons on his magical adventure.

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The Legend of the Dabberwocky

There is a small town in rural Cheshire that is home to a very dark secret. A secret so secret that only a handful of people have ever known about it. An ageing professor shares the secret of hideous monsters living in his home town. Monsters that look like real people!
You too can see for yourself just what he discovered and better yet, you can explore the town yourself looking for clues to the identity of monsters that he never found!

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The Secret of Planet X

Kyle Comet is a twelve year old Star Pilot. He travels through space as a captain in Star Command, exploring new worlds and battling aliens and the hideous hordes of General Vorg.
On a routine mission Kyle and his friends Anya and Biff crash land on a mysterious and uncharted planet which they call Planet X.
What they discover is a powerful force capable of destroying the galaxy and Star Command with it.

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