Vikings’ Lagertha sketched with Corel Painter 17

I’m a huge nerd for norse mythology and the tales of the Vikings. Swords, axes, dragons and various nordic imagery feature heavily in a lot of my more stylised work.

I’m also a massive fan of The History Channel’s Vikings. Currently in Season 5 with Season 6 shooting there’s a ton to get your teeth into. I’m pretty sure that the only remaining character from the first episode of Season 1 is Lagertha. Lagertha, first wife to Ragnar Lodbrok and mother to the adventuring Bjorn, is played by the beautiful actress Katheryn Winnick. Quite how she remains unaged when her babies have become strong men is beyond me, but it takes nothing away from the show.

I sketched this portrait very quickly using a mixture of brushes in Corel Painter.

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