The Bear and the Bee – Pencil Sketch

I was watching a BBC documentary on polar bears last night. The young bears were a joy to watch as they experienced the arctic wilds for the first time.

So this morning’s warm up sketches are inspired by bears. I opted to sketch a brown bear mesmerised by a bee on its nose.

This was sketched in Corel Painter 2017 using 2B Pencils. I love how the colours blend as I layer the strokes.

I usually always set a paper colour to be off white these days. It helps the whites to stand out. Especially around the eyes and highlights on the shinier surfaces.

As it’s just a concept piece I also opted to only draw the elements that tell the story. There’s no need to draw the arms in full or the bear’s body. Everything is being explained here by the bear’s expression and the way he’s holding his hands in anticipation.

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